Thursday, January 05, 2006


Today I finally had a good day. I got my daughters to school on time. Even though I am still in orientation at my new job, I had a good day at work. Lots of lively discussions and got to actually use a fire extinguisher. I have never gotten to do that before. It was a definitely exciting day. I made a phone call up to Indiana and spoke with Catrina at the Coleman Agency. She told me what her reunion rates were which by the way are pretty dang good. If you know your adoption agency, try going through them to help you with your search. I think that most private adoption agencies will be more willing than the welfare department. At least that is my experience.

When I found out that information, I called a friend of mine in New York. She was reluctant at first when I first mentioned it to her. She believes that if you pay money you should get a guarantee. I agree to a point. When I talked to Catrina, she said that if I went to the courts on it, I would be out even more money. I told my friend about it and she agreed with me. I am going to pay the $325 for Catrina to do my search and initiate contact. So now I am excited about the weeks ahead.

A fellow blogger wrote something today that got my goat going again. It is from my birth state of Indiana. Check it out on his blog: . It is so hard to find adoptive parents for children these days. We have so many children in the foster care system and in the orphanges. The Religious Right struck again. They didn't go after the fact that this couple was gay. They went after the fact that they weren't married. Back in the old days, when husbands went to war or died, groups of women raised children. It didn't matter if they were gay or not. It just happened and it wasn't questioned. So here we have a lesbian couple who are currently foster a baby. They decide that they want to adopt the child. It was initially decided that they could adopt. The the Religious Right stepped in and filed a lawsuit against it saying that it did not follow state family laws. State laws require couples to be married. Okay when state laws probably don't even allow lesbian couples to get married how is that about to happen? Any way what does it matter? As long as they provide a loving home, really why does it matter? Its interesting that the Religious Right goes after everyone that disagrees with them yet they are being targeted and are being discriminated against. Gee Whiz how many people are actually suing them. It seems to me that they are too busy suing everyone that disagrees with them. Too bad we can't ban them completely.

The only way we can change things is to write our legislators. If anyone is from Indiana, write them for me since they won't accept emails and letters from me since I am not a constituent. We have got to let these idiots know that we are not going to take it anymore.


KingCranky II said...

The post that riled you up so much is

I couldn't believe either of those two stories when I ripped them apart

The only thing bullies ever understand is a good, swift crack across the mouth

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Great blog you have here I am adding it to my links.