Saturday, May 13, 2006


I said that I would get back to politics. Well today is that day. A friend of mine wrote in an email "why would should not want to know me?" I have been feeling that for the last four months. Now it has turned into a rage for me. How could she not want to know me? I am not a piece of trash that she can throw away. I am a vital living human being that has a great deal going on in her life. The same applies to my friend. Many a birthmother friend tell us both that it is the lies that she has built in her life that causes that. She doesn't understand that the truth will set you free. Okay fine and dandy. My honest opinion our mothers are chicken sh!$. This attitude does not reflect on our birthmother friends. The whole group of them are strong, powerful, and vocal. Those people I am very proud to be associated with. How can they create two very strong individuals and not be proud of us. We have both stepped up to the plate to protect her so called right to "confidentiality." We both have very strong, healthy, beautiful, and happy families. We just want our truth.


Attila the Mom said...


I'm so sorry this is happening to you. :-(

Amyadoptee said...

That is why I am placing my rage into this blog right now. I am also thinking about starting a grassroots thing here in the state of Texas and then moving it to Florida and Indiana.