Saturday, May 06, 2006


This week has been a somewhat active one. The ranch has gotten a great deal of rain. Thank Goodness. It was looking very grim there for a while. Rain is a necessity for a ranch. A friend of mine that lives southeast of San Antonio is also receiving rain. He is another rancher. The horses were also feeling spry again. My husband had to go get them the other day. It was quite a site. They come charging up the hill (we live on a hill), running across the driveway, stopped and turned around. Then they went charging back in the other direction. The youngest horse, Shorty, into the pens. He realizes the other horses were not running into the pens and he charges after my husband who is chasing them down. It was hysterical to watch. It was also beautiful to see. It always brings a smile to my face to watch them play.

So here I am back to searching. I did send 21 plus emails to young white males in the IUPUI medical school. I haven't heard anything back. If I make a hit, I am sure that I will hear from Catrina. I wish that I could get more email addy's for the medical students. I would keep shooting arrows into that arena til I find the right man. I honestly believe that my brother is there. I hear that IUPUI is the end all of medical schools in Indiana. My own adoptive father attended the Dental school at IUPUI. I also found out that the hospital that I was born in could be the one that my brother works in. I wonder if my birthmother realizes that. It would be totally ironic.

A topic that I have discussed in the past has come up and reared its very ugly head. What birthparents should be called. A few friends have mentioned they wonder if the NAACP, MADD, or any other such groups have had the same argument on what to call themselves. The more extreme factions of our group call for the elimination of the adoption system. I wish that it could be. It can't be because our society does not provide for true family values system. It does not protect women and children. It does not provide resources for women to have options to actually raise their own children. As we fight the system that wants to keep our secrets about us from us, we need to remember those things. Adoption is a necessary function in our country. We can't get around that. It does need to be reformed. It needs to be about the child. Not about the need for profit by organizations such as Gladney, National Council for Adoption, and many others.

My own sister who is very polarized with me. In other words, our political beliefs are very opposite. We actually came to the same conclusion. Parents across the world owe their children, adoptive or natural, honesty about their backgrounds. Once a parent always a parent. Our mother taught us that one. The only medical history that I have received from my birthmother is just her information. I still haven't gotten my birthfather's information. My sister is very adament about that one. She feels that my birthmother should step up and acknowledge me. Me I don't care if she does or not I just want my birthfather's information. He deserves the right to know me as an adult. I do want to know my brothers as well as my sister. But I can accept her wishes.

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