Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I have heard many stories about adoption agencies. Many of the stories are very ugly and corrupt. I have mentioned them along the way of my search and my blog. I heard one story from a birthmother friend where she was drugged and placed in a locked room until her child was adopted. I have seen websites that advertised a $1,000,000 budget for advertising aimed at birthmothers. There is billboard advertising aimed at birthmothers along IH-35 in the state of Texas. Others made birthmothers promises about seeing their children/or having confidentiality. Something especially here in the state of Texas is very hard since we have birth and death indices. Seymour Kurtz operates adoption agencies that are highly unscrupulous. His agencies (Adoption World, Birthhope Adoption Agency, and the Easter House) offer birthmothers $10,000 to give up their children. They write it off as charity. This agencies have been under investigations since the 1960s. This is illegal point blank. If you want to read their website: This is a bribe. It is against the law. The only expenses that are paid in adoption is the living and medical expenses. A birthparent cannot profit from the adoption. I can also pretty much guarantee that this money is being charged back to the prospective adoptive parents in this.

Another agency that is a major contributor to the NCFA is Bethany Adoption Services. At their website, I found that they have estate planning and an Infertility mission. It seems like they are also preying on birthparents and adoptive parents. At least they don't offer a credit card, suggest that adoptive parents mortgage their home or borrow against the 401K plan. They do have links to agencies that do provide this though.

Next what I found out about the Heritage Foundation.


Cheryl said...

This will always be a hard issue for me to think about. Do these agencies offer these things to attract "customers" or do they offer these things because the "customers" want them? And maybe they feel they have to compete with other agencies and do they come up with new and different services. It all leaves a bad taste in my mouth. These are people's lives they're dealing with. You would think they would care about that.

Anonymous said...

I worked for Easter House Adoption Agency many years ago. I worked with birthmothers and sometimes birthfathers as well as adoptive parents. I enjoyed what I did and felt that I was doing what was in the best interests of a child. It's very important that a child have a two-parent stable home environment.
Easter House was honest and honorable in their dealings with the adoptive parents and the birthparents. NEVER did I encounter any illegal or unscrupulous tactics while working for the agency.

suz said...

Anonymous must be sadly disillusioned. I know many who worked at Easter House. You must have clearly had your head in the sand. Easter House long list of crimes can be found at the IRS, any state agency (try CT to start) or even baby broker dot watch. Thease are NOT nice people.