Sunday, June 11, 2006


So have you seen the pictures? Do you see what you are missing? Do you see that you have broken my heart? I am open on this blog because I want you to see me. I want you to see that I am many things. Will I reveal your secret? No I won't. For me, even though its in public view here, its a private issue at home. I can't reveal my secret where I live. Yes my family knows my struggle with reaching you. Where I live and the people that I associate with don't know. I can't because of my own reactions to you would cause an uproar. Yes I would cry a river. These people would stand up and take notice. Where I live its a justice unto their own. I have friends and family that would step up and do their best to protect us both. BUT I would have to explain things. If you were to call the headquarters to this ranch, it would be back to me in a flash. That is why its more important for you to search for me through Catrina or This battle I fight is for the both of us. It is important for the world to know that you were treated wrongly and unfairly. I don't ever want to face that issue. I don't want my daughters, your granddaughters to face that issue. I want them to be proud to be women. I want you to be proud of me, your daughter. Just like my sisters and my mother are proud of me and I of them. I want you to be proud of your femininity. Not only are we female but we are intelligent, strong, beautiful, and resilient. You and I have faced many of the same battles. Its time for you and I to come together and fight them along side with one another.

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suz said...

what a beautiful post amy. i can totally relate to the sentiment.