Saturday, July 15, 2006



Who May Access the Information:
The adoptive parents of the adoptee
The adopted person
The adoptee's children
The birthparent of the Adopted Person
Any welfare agency having custody of the adopted person

Non identifying information is available to the above listed persons. This information includes health, genetic, and social history of the child.

Indentifying information can be accessed by filing an affidavit with the adoption registry. After filing this affadavit, the administrator will process each to see if there is a match between the adoptee and the birthparents or other relatives. Both parties must receive counseling before they are matched.

Access to the original birth certificte is only available via a court order.

The information is located with the Arkansas mutual consent voluntary adoption registry and the licensed agency involved in the adoption.


Who has Access to the information:

The adoptee, the birthparent and the adoptive parent of a child who is under age 21

Non identifying information about the birthparent and adopted person is provided to the adoptive parents.

Mutual Access to Identifying Information

Both the adoptee and the birthparents must have signed consent on file. Then they can make contact. This also can be done through the adoption agency.

Access to the Original Birth Certificate:

Only available via court order.


Who has Access:
The adoptee, The birth parents, the adoptive parents, the adult child of the adoptee or the spouse, and The birthgrandparent with the consent of the birthparents

Access to non identifying information:

Prior to 9-1-99 access to the adoption record is available through a confidential intermediary.

Adoptions finalized after 9-1-99 all records shall be open to inspection by persons listed above.

Where is the information located:

Colorado Voluntary Adoption Registry
Colorado Confidential Intermediary Services
Child placement agency involved in the adoption.


Who has access to non Identifying information:

The adoptee, the adoptive parents, adult descendants

Who has access to identifying information:

The adoptee
Any birth parent
Any adult birth sibling
adult descendants

The non identifying information shall be provided to the adoptive parents prior to the finalization of the adoption
The birtparents may access the information at any time for the purposes of verifying, correcting or adding.

Mutual Access to Indentifying Information: Adoptees and birth parents must apply in writing or in person to the child placing agency the request of identifying information. Both parties have to give consent.

Access to Original Birth Certificate: Court ordered.

Who has the information: The department and each child placing agency involved in the adoption shall maintain the registries along with the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, Office of Foster and Adoption Services.

Between the have and have nots, those that know better, and mutual registries, when will we adoptees every be considered adults.


Mia said...

It might be interesting to note also that the Colorado Confidential Intermediary Service now costs $650.00, plus any added expenses such as copies, stamps etc...
In other words yes, it is available if you have the money to pay the fee. If first bparent denies contact you may search for second bparent for an added $100.00. If your case is closed and you decide to search for second bparent at a later time you have to start all over and pay the $650.00 again.

If the search is unsuccessful no refund is offered. Out of this 650.00 somewhere in the range of 125.00 is actually given to the CI. The rest goes to "administration". CCIS is a NON-PROFIT organization.

Catholic Charities is not far behind in cost and requires that you receive counseling by one of THEIR paid staff members. Not a counselor of your choice. I think non-ID is $150.00. That is 150.00 for them to make .5 copies of YOUR file, smear a little white out on anything remotely identifying and stick a stamp on it.

Amyadoptee said...

You know that might the next topic. CI programs, and such. I know my CI cost me $325. The only thing I got was the phone transcripts and the non identifying information over the phone. I can't have my stuff read to me again nor can I receive it in paper form. Of course I can't have my birthfather contacted. They were not married and he is just the supposed father according to Indiana state law.

Marie said...

Amy, after reading your posts for the past several days, the only thing I can say is that you are an amazing human being to be going through such ordeals. I get all mopey about myself, and then I read the really trying stuff adoptees go through, like your and Peter, and I feel like a big baby.

BTW, FYI, Wyoming has a CI program that I used and it was amazingly cheap and user friendly. The CI assigned to my case was an older lady. She was compassionate and even made friends with my birth aunt. The whole system sucks, but at least there are a few bright patches here and there.

p.s., have you ever thought about alternative medicine?