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I don't think the Catholic Church would even begin to think about the ramifications of this type of article to an adoptee. It proves over and over what we as the adoption plane have been saying for years and years. We deserve to know our truth. No matter how brutal and cruel our beginnings are. They are our truth and we want that truth. Things make go hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.
The Catholic Register: Speaker advocates for right to life as one ‘conceived through rape’
By Sara Loftson2/26/2007
The Catholic Register (
TORONTO, Canada (The Catholic Register) – “Except in the case of rape” is a phrase that hits a little too close to home for Rebecca Kiessling.

Looking at her today, one would never guess that the attorney turned stay-at-home mom was conceived through a brutal rape.
About 100 people showed up to hear Kiessling talk about her life story and advocate for the right to life of the unborn Feb. 12 at the University of St. Michael’s College here. The University of Toronto Students for Life sponsored the Detroit native’s speech at the college.
As an infant, Kiessling was adopted by a Jewish family. She grew up feeling like an outsider not knowing who her real parents were. At the beginning of her talk Kiessling, 38, recited an emotional poem she had written as an 18-year-old, first-year university student about her longing to find her birth parents.
At 18, she obtained a detailed description of her biological mother, but for her father the only identifying features were caucasian and large. It was then that she asked her attorney, “was my mother raped?” She soon found that was the case.
Knowing that she was conceived through rape, Kiessling contacted her biological mother who fleshed out more of the details.
At 4’10’’ and 90 pounds, Kiessling’s mother had been attacked after going grocery shopping. Police suspected the attacker was a serial rapist because there had been several similar cases in the area.
Upon learning of her circumstances, Kiessling suffered from low self-esteem, asking questions like, “Do I have this ugliness inside of me?”
“I didn’t want to be part of that classification – conceived in rape,” she said.
She tried to prove her worth by making herself attractive and successful and sought love and validation through unhealthy relationships, which escalated to the point where her boyfriend in law school beat her up, knocking out her front tooth.
Kiessling said eventually it was by reading scripture that she realized it was not the rapist but God who was her creator. While she is a convert to Catholicism, in this presentation she didn’t focus on her Christian influences in order to keep the talk open to a wider university audience.
Over the years, Kiessling has slowly built up a relationship with her biological mother and siblings. She found out that her mother attempted to abort her twice, once with the help of a back alley abortionist, but the low health standards turned her off, and another time by a more sophisticated abortionist, but a snow blizzard prevented her from keeping her appointment.
Just four years after Kiessling’s birth, the 1973 landmark case Roe vs. Wade legalized abortion in the United States.
And her mother said had it been the case a few years earlier, she would have opted for a legalized abortion.
Kiessling said today her mother is OK and sees her as a blessing, but legalized abortion doesn’t allow for second chances.
Kiessling said that studies show birthing an unwanted child helps women overcome the rape because of the mentality that something as beautiful as new life can come from something as horrible as rape.
Today, a pregnant Kiessling has been married for eight years and she’s left her family law practice to stay at home and home school her four children, all under the age of seven, two of whom are adopted children conceived through rape. - - -
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