Wednesday, February 14, 2007


CBS4) MIAMI A South Florida couple trying to adopt a child was heartbroken when the the baby they nursed back from drug addiction was taken from them Tuesday.The foster parents, Roger Carrillo and Hiram Perez told CBS4's News they were devastated to find out the child, Ricky, they cared for and nursed was to be taken away from them because of a custody hearing that could give custody to Ricky's grandmother. The couple claims they had no previous knowledge of any such hearing. According to them the grandmother only saw the child two weeks ago for the first time and now wants custody. "Yes, the baby is beautiful. Who would not want him now? The worst moments have gone by," Carrillo told Jaquez.Ricky, now a healthy 20 pound 8-month-old, came into the lives of Carrillo and Perez a 4 1/2 pound newborn not wanted by anyone because he had been exposed to HIV though his mother and was born addicted to alcohol, heroin, marijuana, crack cocaine and other drugs. The couple, who claim the child's biological grandmother didn't want him when he was born, nursed the child to health with care and now Ricky has no trace of drugs or HIV in his system."I would have to pace from his bedroom to the living room, back and forward, in the dark being careful I didn't bump into tables or walls or chairs, et cetera, and I couldn't sit down or stop because he was screaming and shouting and crying. His screams were tormenting. It took 27 days to detox him," Carrillo said.Jaquez reports the couple believed they had weathered the worst of the storm and they only had happiness and a bright future to look forward to for Ricky including trips to Disney World, college and a successful career for their son. The Children's Home Society arranged the hearing and the couple believes the only reason there is interest in taking Ricky away from them is because they are a gay couple. "The truth is that, when no one wanted him, we were there for him. I will be there for him. We'll be there for him again, " said Carrillo.CBS4's cameras caught social workers entering the couple's home and removing the child. The couple told CBS4 they would get a lawyer and fight for the child they love. "I believe he's mine because I gave him everything and the best of me," said Carrillo."I'm afraid and concerned about the baby," Perez told CBS4.

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