Thursday, March 29, 2007


I found my friend, Wraith, nominated me for the thinking blogger award. I have to come up with five people that have made me stop and think. My choices are hard and limited. The person who nominated me and the others on his list would have been top choices for me as well. These are the ones that really made me think and grow up.

1.) She has made me think the most. Its her anger that got my attention. It made me think outside of the box.

2.) / She was the first to teach me about the darkside of adoption. She was the first to expose me to it. She even wrote a note to my first mother which I posted at her request.

3.) She is also another that widen my horizons. She helped me truly understand the challenges that we adoptees truly face. The ignorances and bias that she showed me took my rose colored glasses off.

4.) She is new to the blogging world. She really gets it. It was hard to pick between her and Thirdmom. Both really deserve it. Thirdmom is an older Mom that has really stepped outside of her comfort zone. I wish there was an honorary list for her as well. Screw it. I will make one. Its just too hard to limit it to five.

5) This one is the tough one. I am stuck between two of them. Both were there for me when I found out my first mother denied contact. I am back and forth between the both of them. Tears were streaming down my face when I read what they wrote. So I am putting both of them up here. I don't care if it breaks the rules. I guess its just the bastard in me.


Thirdmom has nominated five as well that are good. The ones that Wraith nominated were good as well. I also like two others just for their pure snark. Faux Claud is also another pure favorite to read as well.

Maybe if we extended this to 10 or 20.


Mom2One said...

WOW. I am absolutely honored, Amy. Thank you so much.

Mom2One said...

P.S. I didn't know that your first mother denied contact. I'm so sorry. *hugs*

Third Mom said...
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Third Mom said...

Congratulations, Amy, you definitely deserve this!!!

And thank you for the shoutout, I really appreciate it!! said...

Congratulations Amy!!!

And thank you so much for thinking of my blog, that's such an honour.

Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

Thank you so much for my honorary mention! And congratulations to you as well! I think we should be able to choose 30 myself.

Marley Greiner said...

Wow, thanks Amy! I was just surfing before I go to bed and found you honored me. How cool!