Saturday, March 03, 2007


The judge in the case who had originally assigned custody of Evelyn to the grandparents decided that he did not have jurisdiction in the case, and withdrew, which pretty much eliminated the custody. The agency has requested a continuance from the 21st of this month to the 9th of March, stating that they are not ready. That really ticked the new judge off. The attorney thinks that is a GOOD thing, for our side.

An Account has been opened for Stephanie Bennett to help defray the cost of attorney fees. They have set up an account at the US Bank, 123 N. Reed St., Malvern, OH 44644

You can make checks payable to "Send Evelyn Home" and they will be deposited into the correct account.

Thank you for your help, and contributions. She goes back to court on March 9th. Keep your fingers crossed, and PLEASE make a donation.

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