Monday, March 05, 2007


Dear Amy,

Thank you for your comments regarding Senate Bill 199, Unlawful Facilitation of Adoption Services. Your input is greatly appreciated and allows me to better represent our state.

You may want to contact your House Representative as Senate Bill 199 passed and was referred to the House.

Thank you again for your comments. If I can ever be of assistance, please contact me.


Patricia L. Miller
State Senator
Indiana State House

This is my response to Senator Matthews. Evidently she thought i was writing to her about SB199. This bill is about adoptions and only allowing certain individuals to do them.

Dear State Senator Matthews,

I did not write you about this bill. If I had my choice, the federal government would regulate adoption as it stands now. Too many women and children are being torn apart all for the sake of a dollar. I hate this bill. I think adoption agencies should be put out of business. They are in it for the sale of human flesh.

You might ask if I had a good life with my adoptive parents. Yes I did but that is not the point. Have you read The Girls Who Went Away by Ann Fessler? The women from my era were treated horribly. They were starved with three sparse meals a day. No snacks allowed. They were examined like prisoners in a prison. They were inspected for lice and other such icky stuff. They were pregnant women with no choices. They were not given any pain relief. They were stuck in the basement of a building to labor by themselves usually tied to a bed. No wonder my first mother doesn't want to hear from me. Who would want to be contacted by an adoption agency that ripped her babe from her arms for profit? She was told that she should not have spread her legs as were countless of other women across Indiana and the rest of the country. She was shamed and humiliated repeatedly during her time at the home. She may not have a voice for herself right now but I do. I will speak loudly for her and the thousands of Indiana mother who were forced into these homes. I will speak loudly for the adoptees out there.

These agencies are continuing in this manner. Look at Stephanie Bennett in Ohio. Look at Rashad Head. Look at Shawn McDonald. Look at Allison Quets. These type of cases continue daily. Indiana has had their fair share of them as well. All for the sake of a buck. Adoption as it stands now needs to change. Opening our birth certificates is a start. Making open adoption agreements binding is another. Give women a voice in this. Give the grown children a voice in this. Quit treating us like ungrateful wretches because we want our truth. When my own adoptive parents support my search, shouldn't you the state legislator? I challenge you to make serious changes in Indiana when it comes to adoption.

Amy K. Burt


Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

Did they even read your letter, or did they just spy the word adoption and pick the first related bill?


I think that is what happened.. That is why I sent this scathing letter to her.. I have yet to hear back from them.