Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Today was interesting. I spent my early hours of work on the phones. My afternoon is where it got different. I nested with another representative. I listen to how she interacts with callers about their bills. One call will forever stick in my mind. My coworker took this call from a woman. She was requesting a payment arrangement. She was behind on her bill. She sadly was ineligible for a payment arrangement. We had to include a manager on this one. A manager took the call. Keep in mind this man knows a little history with me. He knows that I fight for open records. He knows that I wish to be reunited with my first mother. As he is speaking with her, she explains why her bill was so high. She is a FIRST MOTHER JUST REUNITED WITH HER DAUGHTER. My hand covers my mouth. Tears are pouring out of my eyes. He whips his head over at me. This woman did a very brave thing. She announced that she was a first mother to an anonymous person. Someone she does not know. He completes the call. He looks at me and says that was weird. He also says that is a sign. Stuff like that just doesn't happen. Pretty weird yes A happy weird though. I am always thrilled by reunions. Tears are still stinging my eyes now as I write this.

If I could say one of many things to her, I would tell her the story of ambulances/sirens/fire trucks. The sirens use to send me into fits of screaming and tears. It drove my mother crazy trying to figure out why. After I spoke with a first mother from the same home, I discovered why. An ambulance took my first mother to the hospital. It was the sound that deep in my soul I always remembered. That an ambulance was the beginning of our separation. I will always remember even if we never meet in my life time.

A sad day in Texas folks. Gladney Adoption Center got its wish. The House Bill and the Senate Bill died in committee. An adoption agency was allowed to make a decision about our lives. One lone adoption agency was allowed that much power by the Texas State Legislature to govern the lives of those living, breathing adoption. Shame on them. The state legislatures better start listening to those of us living adoption than those profitting from adoption.

You want women to choose adoption. OPEN THE DAMN RECORDS.


Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

Amy it's weird to have adoption cross over into work. I had a situation once with a customer who wanted their employee's internet use monitored for too much work hours time on non-work things. There was one case where someone was burning up the bandwith on (it was pre-google days). All of her internet history was adoption search and reunion in Montana.

I didn't report her.

Jen Co said...

I want to hear more about HB525/SB221 dying in committee. Do you think this was influenced by Kay Bailey Hutchison (among others)? It is of interest that Hutchison was given special consideration by Gladney when she adopted. Gladney's maximum age limit for it's domestic program is 45. Kay Bailey Hutchison was much older when she adopted both of her children.

Any information you have about HB525/SB221 would be appreciated! I tried to google it but there was no new information.

Jen Co

mia said...

I would have been an emotional wreck after that call too Amy. Even though our reunions have been non reunions the concept still makes me weep.

Texas should be ashamed of itself. How weak and thoughtless. We put these people in office to protect our rights and they thank us with a sucker punch. Shameful.