Tuesday, May 01, 2007


http://www.mindspring.com/%7Ejkovach/letter.html. This is excellent. Incompetent by reason of adoption. I really like the way that rolls off my tongue. Explains my frustration with deformers, laws, adoption agencies, attorneys, and the NCFA. I am deemed by these folks as being incompetent by reason of adoption. Just as all living adoption are. Just explain to me how these people are allowed to make the laws that affect us. Lord knows I don't get it. Its simple. The adoptee in this thing called adoption is being denied the right to the document that records his/her birth. The first parents aren't being denied theirs as Mia so eloquently puts it. The adoptive parents aren't being denied theirs either. I thought all contracts make about children end upon their adulthood. Not in adoption I guess. We are forever bound by a contract made about us in our best interests.


Anonymous said...

"We are forever bound by a contract made about us in our best interests."
How I agree with this statement. I was adopted in the UK in 1943 but have been told that the adoption records are closed for 75 years, and then anybody can access them. That is NOT fair on the adoptee.These days we hear about the birth parents having their lives turned upside down by the appearance in their life of a long forgotten child, or the adoptive parents being upset.I feel that very little thought is given to the feelings of the adoptee who had no choice in the decision that was made--especially if the child was adopted as a baby.The people who make the laws re adoption should themselves be adoptees,as non-adopted people have no idea at all what it is like being adopted--even when one has wonderful adoptive parents.

mia said...

Pass the binky would ya' Amy? suck suck suck.

Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

I think I'm going to decide I'm too incompetant to pay taxes any longer. If I'm still an adopted child in the view of the state, then they can't expect me to pay them anything.

Lisa said...

Have you seen the April 2007 issue of O, Oprah's magazine?

There's a focus on adoptees,