Tuesday, May 08, 2007



This came across my radar today. I can't believe it. I just can't believe it. Allowing adoption agencies to run as confidential intermediaries is just plain wrong. This bill should be pulled period. Why is it that state legislators actually listen to the wolves that guard us? Explain that one to me. ADOPTION AGENCIES, ADOPTION ATTORNEYS, AND THE NCFA MAKE A PROFIT OFF US. I have to wonder who is paying the state legislators. Us or them? Who is more important? Well guess what we will start telling you at the election booths. Anyone who votes for regulation of adoptees and their families will be voted out.

The Government of the United States wants to promote adoption but it does not want to investigate adoption agencies, adoption attorneys, and the NCFA. As long as they pay the lobbyists involved in promoting adoption, those lobbyists will continue to pay our state legislators to vote their way. Its time to end this. We regulate animals and how they are treated but we don't do the same for human lives. Our state legislators continue to listen to those that profit off the very backs of human beings. Here are some people who have the right idea:

The Famous Faux Claud


Her biggest endeavor yet:


The Famous Writer - Adoptalk


Her biggest endeavor yet:


What is so amazing is that these women are first mothers. Yes these women are the very ones that the agencies claim to protect. Yep they are fighting hard to open the records. Shocking isn't it. But if you have been online long, you would soon realize that this isn't so abnormal. You would realize that our rights are being violated. The adoption agencies and their ilk would have you believe that these women don't want to hear from their children. Their voices represent 99% of the women who relinquished. So the adoption agencies are wrong. What you must consider is that maybe there is reasons why they don't want us to hear their stories. They don't want us to know how they treated these women back in the day and how they treat them now. A perfect example is A Child's Waiting in Ohio. I compel you to check out Stephanie and Evelyn Bennett's stories.

You want to decrease abortion. Allow adoptees access to their records. Stop shaming/forcing/belittling women into giving up their children for adoption. Make adoption honest. This industry is a 3 billion dollar business. That is a yearly figure. We regulate polution but we don't regulate an industry that deals in human lives. We let the wolves of the adoption industry regulate our lives. They tell us what they think we should know.

I have just skimmed Faux Claud's "National Infant Adoption Reform Act." It is a very impressive endeavor. It really reflects what is needed in Adoption Reform. Its time to give back the rights of those living adoption. Its time to take away the liberties that adoption agencies have taken against us. Its time for them to have their books see the light of day. Its time for them to held accountable for the lies, coercion, and deception.


mominmaking said...

I live in North Carolina and when I saw this, I imediatly knew that adoptees wouldn't get access to their birth certificates. I love NOrth Carolina, but I know it's hard to get us to change. We get stuck in thoughts. I'm not dishing tobacco farmers are people who smoke, but one of our biggest products is tobacco. ANd we know what tobbacco does. I lived in a town that until recently had a sign up that said (HOME of the KKK). It was a very racist city.

Laurel said...

How very disappointing--but not unexpected. I was born in NC. I've never seen my own birth certificate and I still don't know who my father is. Certain peoples' inability to imagine themselves in my situation really pisses me off.