Friday, June 15, 2007



Dear Adoption Professional:As an adoption professional listed at the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys website, I am writing to make you aware that a growing community of adoptive parents will be boycotting all organizations and companies that advertise at, list themselves at, or are affiliated with the website, owned by Nathan Gwilliam.As part of our advocacy, we will also be publicizing the discriminatory policies of with the media and online. We will also be publicizing the names of those individuals and organizations who financially support by providing advertising revenue or paid listings, including via Google advertisements and banner advertising at the entire network of websites.The reason? You may not be aware, but with no notice, this week closed down the "Nontraditional Families" Forum. (Nontraditional Families was their "preferred" term for gay/lesbian parents). All the content posted by families at that forum was also deleted without notice. Discussions of the elimination of this forum have been deleted, and moderators are deleting all discussions that relate to this issue in a total censoring of the issue.At the same time, it has also come to light that has made public the fact that they PROHIBIT PAID ADVERTISING in their prospective adoptive family "Profiles" pages from SINGLE people, or GAY/LESBIAN's moves may in part be retribution over a recent lawsuit by a same-sex couple against, which refused the couple the opportunity purchase a paid family profile listing. told the couple that " does not allow gay and lesbian couples to use their services." While recently petitioned the court to dismiss the case, the judge has just ruled that the case was not going to be thrown out, and will proceed. ( )As a stopgap measure, a new forum has been put up by yesterday, but the extremely restrictive instructions are that members can only discuss "post-adoption support of children" -- making it against the rules to acknowledge or aid in any way adoption by gay families or to discuss anything that, as they state, "involves activism."A new, non-discriminatory forum away from has been started and hundreds of long-time members -- straight and gay, single and married -- are leaving the forums for good, due to the discriminatory environment and heavy-handed and oppressive censorship there.We thought you should be aware that a growing list of people with a conscience in the adoption community will be actively and vigorously publicizing the discriminatory activities of , and by association, those individuals and organizations who provide revenue to the company.We urge you to contact Nathan Gwilliam and encourage him to change his company's overtly discriminatory policy.We urge you to stop any advertising or paid listings at the network of sites until such time as the site fully permits singles and gay/lesbian families full and equal access to all of their services.We urge you to spread the word to other professionals, so that such discriminatory activities can be eliminated.Please remember that in business, we are the company we keep. Please don't expect those of us who are appalled by's discrimination to value the choices of those individuals and organizations who choose to remain as sponsors/advertisers or pay for listings at the site.
Paula Desena,
Adoptive ParentStraight but Not Narrow Adoptive Parents Coalition

This came in several emails over various lists that I am on. It has been verified. After being on other forums, I do know that this website is known for banning members for even mentioning adoption agencies and how they were treated. Adoptees have been banned for saying anything negative about adoption. This is the very same website that was just sued recently over discrimination. The website owner does have connections to the NCFA. I read somewhere he also is connected to Bethany Adoption Services. Of course they do also edit their forums as well as seen in Paragraphien's blog. I have only commented on their website a few times and it was in regards to searching for my own natural family. I do not use their website except to check on their current news lists. Maybe if we join in this boycott, maybe this group and the NCFA will get the hint and update their thoughts on closed records. So I do support this effort

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