Thursday, March 27, 2008


Don't you just love those? They have the balls to say something negative about natural parents but they don't have the balls to identify themselves.

Here is the comment:

Come on. More children die at the hands of their own birth parents than adoptive parents. We have adopted twice. Once domestically and once from China. What would you change? You speak in general term of how aoption laws should change? Why don't we also change the laws for birth parents, if they are meth addicts, should we sterilize them. If they have commited a crime should be sterilize them and take away their children. Adoptive parents go though very thourough examination. Will there be problems, yes, but to make a blanket statement such as yours. I disagree. Do not assume that all adoptions are like these. The vast majority of adoptive parent are loving caring people. Do not use the exception to try and prove the rule.

My first question to you is how did you adopt domestically. Did you do a voluntary domestic adoption? If that is the case, you know that the mother took care of her own health. She thought enough of herself and her child to place her with you. By the way, did you think of your child's needs? Did you get the OBC in both cases? Did you get as much information as possible for your child to be able to research his/her own heritage? Somehow I bet that you didn't. That is probably why you went with a China adoption the second time around.

Besides the fact that the comment ticked me off, you do realize that adoptive parents and foster parents are supposed to be held to higher level. It is a betrayal of a child's trust when the natural parent does abuse. Then you go to the foster and the adoption side of things. When they abuse and they kill, its double betrayal. Its twice as bad. Its not only the child's betrayal but the natural parents' trust as well. Ultimately, it is the adoption agency who should also be faulted. That is what my point was. Explain to me why Holt International Services made a comment to the Korean Newspapers.


LK said...

When you run a blog like this, you're going to get those. You can block anonymous commenting in blogger, but I don't because that would prevent people from commenting.

I have a lot of anonymous comments on mine. I don't mind the anonymous part. Every now and then you get someone who just doesn't get it. I say let them comment. My readers tend to jump all over them.

HeatherRainbow said...

with a baseball bat???? He must've been out of his mind... It is very very sad....

Suz said...

uh boy.
clueless defensive adoptive parent. always such a joy to have those visit your blog.
loves to focus in on the negatives of natural parents just so they can justify their own position. its always THEM and NEVER Me. I am good wonderful zippity doo dah perfect adoptive parent and THEY are the bad evil natural parents and adoption is so good and so wonderful and guh...more koolaid please.

Meth addicts? You dont have to sterlize them. Their offsrping arent Grade A and arent usually desired by adoptive parennts. Considered defective.

Adoption parents should go through examination. They are raising someone elses child - or at the very least pretending, as if born to, as they are instructed by law.

Clearly I am being snarky.

Said commenter should do some research on the realities of adoption and the type of women who surrender their children to the beast. Moreover, look into the agencies that sell babies and their tactics and such.

Start with for a good idea.

Signed - Not a meth addict "birth"mother, but an honor student, good catholic girl who got pregnant out of wedlock, was sent away to a maternity home, coerced and intimidated by silly things like lawsuits and promissory notes, before she surrendered her child to a broker who then sold her to the highest bidder.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous comments are so fun, aren't they? I think I'll leave one now ;)