Thursday, March 20, 2008


Seriously, the more I think about Jill Ekstrom's situation, the more I think that something just stinks. Judging from who I have hitting my blog, the more I think that her situation was a pure setup.

I have the LDS Church hitting this blog. I have folks in Orem, Utah hitting this blog. So why would they be so interested in an independent confidential intermediary? I know that she was on the Utah Adoption Council. I know that she is the founder of Utah Finders. Everyone knows that I can't stand confidential intermediaries. However, to follow the money trail in this story makes one wonder why the police would do a sting operation on a confidential intermediary. What does she know? Has she seen the records of what these folks have done? Why else would they be so interested in her enough to get a sting operation against her?

With all the fathers fighting for their children, one would wonder why they are investigating her. Why aren't they investigating them? Is that why they are googling her name so much because of her connection to them? To read these articles you get a sense of fear in this woman. I do know that her life and the lives of her children have been threatened. I know that the Sheriff who arrested her thought it fit to hit her hard enough to cause injury to her neck. She now has to have surgery on her neck.

The fathers fighting are Matt Tenneson, Cody O'Dea, Joshua Simmerson, and Brynden Ayre. All four of these fathers are facing Larry Jenkins. Three of these fathers are fighting one agency. One agency ~ American Center of Choice owned by James Webb. James Webb owns an Allstate insurance company in California. Another father, Shawn McDonald, is fighting LDS Social Services in Texas. All three agencies are connected to each other. Matt Tenneson is fighting LDS Social Services in Idaho.

All LDS Social Services/Family Services agencies are members of the National Council For Adoption. Larry Jenkins and another attorney now involved in this wicked mess, Dale Dorious, are members of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. This web is getting more and more complex. American Center of Choice is in Orem, Utah. The LDS Family Services in these cases are located in Carrollton Texas and in Idaho. Larry Jenkins has an office in Idaho.

What connects them all to Jill is the Utah Adoption Council. Larry Jenkins, James Webb, and Dale Dorius are all on this Utah Adoption Council. The other oddity is the confidential intermediary bill that flopped earlier this year. Was it because of Jill or was it that these folks don't want their secrets revealed?

Interestingly enough, I have heard many more horror stories from natural parents who were coerced, lied to, and deceived by LDS Social Services and their umbrella of agencies. So I have to wonder why all this about one little ol' CI.

Jill Keep fighting. We all know the truth.

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I just wrote an article on my blog about adoption disruption, because several of the young people in my foster care alumni group have experienced this...

Can you please share your insights?