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Okay for those that are maybe seriously or perversely interested in the FDLS Sect children. Here is the current information on that issue.

According to their website:

If you live in the state of Texas:

At this time we are not in need of foster or adoptive placements for the children removed in Eldorado. However, Texas is always in need of foster and adoptive families to assist with children who have endured abuse or neglect.

Please review the steps to become a foster or adoptive family in our “Get Started” section of our web site. There, you will find an overview of the foster/adopt program, the steps involved, and the requirements to become a foster or adoptive family. You may also read what others say about foster care and adoption at our “Success Stories.

If you live out of the state of Texas:

At this time we are not in need of foster or adoptive placements for the children removed in Eldorado. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services will contact child placing agencies in other states should foster placement outside of Texas become necessary. If you are a licensed foster parent living in another state and would like to have a Texas child placed with you, please contact the child placing agency with whom you are licensed.

Please note that if you are interested in a Texas child waiting for foster placement or adoption, and not currently licensed, we encourage you to get approved to foster/adopt within your state first. Please visit the web site for links to information regarding your state.

Sorry they are NOT placing these children for adoption. Sorry they do not need foster parents for these children. They got it covered. Anyway, they will be suspicious of your interest because these children have been subjected to severe and sexual abuse. So don't even try.

The status of these children are:

DFPS and other state agencies continue to care for and supervise 416 children who were removed from the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints compound near Eldorado and placed in state custody.

The Department of State health Services is overseeing all medical and mental health services for the children.

  • DSHS is performing on-site health screenings and it appears the children are generally in good health.
  • There have been a typical number of minor upper respiratory and mild gastrointestinal ailments for a group of this size.
  • About a dozen children have what appears to be chicken pox, which they contracted prior to coming into state custody. It takes 14-16 days for the virus to manifest itself. Chicken pox is usually a benign childhood disease and none of the children is seriously ill. These children and their families were relocated to another building to separate them from the other children. It is believed the children in the shelters have not been immunized, but some may have natural immunity from having contracted chicken-pox in the past.
  • The children appear to be in good mental health and are adapting as well as can be expected.
  • 25 mental health professionals are on hand, along with four doctors and ten nurses. 14 more doctors and medical assistants are arriving soon.
Here is the overview of the investigation. Keep in mind that these folks have been under investigation for several years. When this call came in, the state of Texas is obligated to investigate this.

Chronology and Status Report

March 29-31

Over the weekend, a 16 year-old girl called a domestic violence shelter and reported that she had been sexually and physically abused in the past by her 49-year old “husband.” The girl reported living at the YFZ (Yearn for Zion) Ranch, an outpost of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in Eldorado, Texas. The shelter called in a report to SWI (Statewide Intake), the CPS Hotline, and CPS investigators were assigned to the case.

CPS contacted law enforcement and began working closely with the Department of Public Safety (DPS), the sheriff’s office, the courts and other local officials.

Thursday, April 3

The Texas Rangers determined the timing of entering the compound, and late Thursday afternoon, law enforcement entered the compound. Once it was secured CPS investigators entered and began interviewing residents and children. CPS investigators were at the compound all night and into Friday.

Friday, April 4

CPS took temporary legal custody of 18 girls (ages 6 months to 17 years) after investigators concluded they had been abused or were in imminent risk of future abuse. Thirty-four other girls were transported from the compound to a civic center in Eldorado for further questioning to determine if they had been abused or were at risk of abuse.

That evening, another 85 children, and 46 adult women who wanted to accompany the children, were transported to the civic center.

Saturday, April 5

CPS continued interviewing the children at the civic center and the compound. CPS called upon 15 more special investigators from around the state to assist.

The Governor’s Division of Emergency Management dispatched its Regional Incident Coordinator to the scene, activated the mass care plan, and began arranging for a larger shelter in San Angelo.

Sunday, April 6

All children and adults at shelters in Eldorado were moved to a centralized shelter in at the Ft. Concho complex in San Angelo. Including new arrivals from the FLDS compound there were 246 children and 93 women in DFPS care.

CPS continued to work with law enforcement to locate children at the compound and bring them to the shelters in San Angelo.

Monday, April 7

District Judge Barbara Walthers granted DFPS temporary legal custody of all 401 the children in the shelter in San Angelo, after it was concluded that some of these children had been sexually and physically abused and the rest are at risk of abuse if returned to their homes at this time. An adversarial hearing was set for April 17, 2008 to determine if the children should remain in DFPS conservatorship.

The HHSC, DFPS, and STAR Health program have been working to provide for all the medical and psychological needs of these children. Arrangements were being made for medical evaluations, counseling, and whatever treatment is appropriate.

DFPS began working to locate longer term foster care living arrangements to provide the children more structure and stability. The temporary shelter at the Fort Concho complex in San Angelo is near capacity.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

CPS involvement in the operation at the compound itself is over. All the children who were living on the FLDS compound are now in CPS care.

15 more children were transported to the shelter last night, bringing the total number of children in state custody to 416 children. 139 women are at the shelters.

DFPS has now moved into the legal stage of this case.

Another shelter was opened in San Angelo and more than 100 children were moved into it in order to better meet their needs.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

DFPS and other state agencies continued to work to supervise and provide for the needs of 416 children who removed from the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints compound and placed in state custody. All the children, and 139 adult women, were housed in several shelters in San Angelo.

The Department of State Health Services is coordinating medical and mental health services for the children. Health clinics and screenings are being held. 12 cases of chicken pox were identified and those children and their families were isolated. They contracted the virus before arriving in state custody. So far the screenings indicate that the physical and mental health of the children is generally good.

You can find this information on this website.

So perverts go back into your closets. The state of Texas knows all about you. You won't have a snowball's chance in hell.


Anonymous said...

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And what is the difference between 14 yo and 15 yo anyway. one day??

And i can verify that none of the polyg girls are sluts and none have taken the LBT (low back tattoo). this is why they are being persecuted.

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First and foremost, this particular case is in TEXAS YOU SICK PERVERT. Utah state laws do not apply in TEXAS. I never ever called those girls sluts. Local government devils my ass. We are talking Texas Rangers and Police Officers here. We are talking Child Protective Services. They are not sick individuals. They are doing everything they can to protect those young children.