Monday, April 21, 2008


Check out this. I guess this was a letter to the editor of this paper.

I feel empathy for all the adopted people who are looking for their roots -- family trees -- and are resentful that their moms and dads did not want ever to be connected to them.

The important thing to remember is, they chose life for you and to countless generations to come as you are Adams and Eves.

Please do not encourage changes to the law or seek remedies in the courts because this will in most cases make adoption not a viable option in the eyes of the baby donors.

This was the case in England. All adoptions were made transparent, offering no privacy to the baby donors, and the result was that the baby donor programs have become almost non-existent. And, in the minds of the would-be donors,abortion has become the only answer.

Please do not enact court cases or laws that will mean the death sentence for your brother, sisters and cousins.

Ed Smetana

Arlington Heights

Oh my God!!!! Do you really mean what you said? You are just plain sick. I thought we had come farther than this. I guess not. Baby donors. Women are not breeders. Women are not there to service the needs of others. Adoptee rights doesn't really affect the numbers of both abortion and adoption. Its about putting us on the same level as others in the triad. I hope this person is not an adoptive parent. Just blows my mind the ignorance of some folks.

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