Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Unfortunately to some negative attention that the Protest is being given, I am removing all posts in regards to a certain agency. They believed that they were doing a good thing. Their intentions were good. Try your witch hunt some place else.


mia said...

Holy CRAP! For real?!!! Who'd a thunk it? An agency with a conscience. Well I'll be.

Loved this: The caller vehemently stated her belief that all adoption agencies have a moral obligation to fulfill the requirements of their applicants....

My forehead hurts now from slapping it so hard. This is the kind of person that leaves comments for us like "what do you MEEEANNNNN I think I'm entitleddddd?"

Anne said...

Wow, it does exist! I can't applaud you enough for pointing out that the sole purpose of adoption is first and formost for the benefit and best interests of the child, not the adoptive parents.

New Jersey