Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I found this link on a homeschool blog that I discovered yesterday. Its a way to earn money. I love to blog as every one knows. My hubby is always harping on me to make money. He also wants me to keep the house clean and other things. From what my blogger friend said, this actually works. It is not a get rich quick scheme. You have to work at it. I think this just might be the easiest and most enjoyable job that I have ever done. I get to write about the stuff that I know about. Introduce myself to some new products and services. Stay at home with my kids and husband. Write to my heart's content. Fight the adoptee rights and adoption reform good fight. How can I go wrong?

Below and to the side are links to get you to the correct website.

get paid to blog

get paid to blog


I know that several regular bloggers visit me. I hope that you too can join this. Make adoption reform really known. Lets get paid for it while we do it.

Today I also joined various homeschooling networks and groups. I am looking forward to teaching my kids all kinds of things. There is so much to research and so much to learn. I am looking forward to kicking it off with a brand new start.

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