Saturday, April 26, 2008


As an adoptee, I feel its vitally important. I was reading here. The topic being discussed is "What do you want people to know about adoption." Its a good topic but its aimed at adoptive parents only. If we all want to change adoption, we need to include adoptees and natural parents. After reviewing the site, its more about foster to adoption adoptive parents. I get that some natural parents in this facet of adoption are abusive to their children. They do make bad choices that lead to their children being removed.

I have posted two comments on this forum. I think both comments will be deleted and ignored. I don't mean to start a fight on there. We have to acknowledge that adoptive parents would not be parents without the natural parents. To ignore this means we dissed the future adoptees. Natural parents and adoptive parents are both the real parents. Adoptees far and wide can and do love both sets of parents without the difficulty that the NCFA loves to profess. The NCFA loves to keep us all separated. They love to keep us at each other's throats.

They don't want us unifying under one voice.

Recently I have had visitors from Tualantin Oregon. They have been reading hot and heavy for extended periods of time. They have been linking to me via some kind of file that is labeled as a threat. I am only a threat to those that violate the laws and rights of natural parents. It angers me that there are people who believe its right to trick a young mother into relinquishing her child. Yep I am talking about Camira Bailey, Stephanie Bennett, Ibbaanika Bond, and Allison Quets. I know the attorneys representing the interests of the adoptive parents and the adoption agency don't like me much. I am not a natural mother but an ADOPTEE. I am that adoptee twenty, thirty, and fourty years down the road that finds out what exactly you have done to me and my family. These agencies know what they are doing to the natural parents. There are too many loopholes in adoption. These loopholes have lead to the corruption of adoption. Adoption is supposed to be about the child. Finding good parents for the child. Its supposed to be about the best interest of the child. That being said, I think that adult adoptees should have their rights restored to them. They had no choice and/or voice in adoption. Once they reach an age of majority, they should have it. Then again I am an adoptee. Of course I feel that way. These adoptees of these parents will find what I and many others have written about them and their families. They will find out what has been done so that these entitled adopters could be parents. I know most of these agencies can sleep at night. How is beyond me. Adopters I wonder about too. How can you look at yourself every morning knowing what you have done. The sealing of records will only last eighteen or maybe even twenty one years. They will know. As one who has found out that her father wanted her, they will be pissed. They will no longer trust you. They will feel invalidated and wronged. You will have to answer questions. You will have to face these grown children. One of these days records will no longer be sealed from the adoptee. Are you ready? Are both sets of parents ready to face the truth? I hope so.

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michelle said...

I just started reading your blog and I just wanted to say I think it is great to let your voice be heard regarding adoption reform. I agree it is a system is much need of reform-especially for the children involved. i myself am an adoptive mother who adopted my daughter through foster care...