Sunday, April 20, 2008


I am all for constitutional rights. Here I am practicing my freedom of speech. Ol' Pat Robertson has claimed that the Christian religion has been persecuted. I don't see that at all. People are just sick of your rhetoric. That is the common folk who have to do the dirty work. Honestly I would rather follow Rev. Wright than you. He gets what I am dealing with a whole lot better than you do.
Now FLDS is a whole another ballgame. Many folks are claiming religious persecution on this one. I see it differently. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services had received a call from a young girl claiming child abuse, forced marriages, and other stuff. They may not have found that young girl yet but they found many other girls who got pregnant via these forced marriages that were underaged at the time of their pregnancies.

I imagine ol' Pat Robertson and Rev Wright are up in arms about this too. I hope and think they would be on the same side as I am. Spiritual marriages and divorces with young girls isn't probably his cup of tea. I think both of these men are probably disgusted by this situation just as I am.

Religious constitutional rights end when they violate the law. Texas law states that a minor can't get married unless they are eighteen years old. They can get married with parental consent if there are extenuating circumstances like pregnancy. These FLDS folks violated that law. They found proof of it. They had a phone call that brought them into that compound. I for am glad that the state of Texas did step in. The state of Texas does have to do right by these folks. After having spoken with a member of the Texas Rangers on this, I am positive that Texas will do right by these kids. They are going to be extra careful of their needs. Hopefully the regular LDS folks will step up.

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