Friday, May 16, 2008


Minnesota was attempting to get open records as well. I didn’t even know about that one. Although I think its great that the bill was vetoed, I am disappointed in the governor’s reason. I can’t say this often enough. It is not about natural parent privacy vs. the adoptee right to know. It is becoming a major civil right violation as each state continues with this kind of thinking. Here is a question for those who doubt the civil rights portion of it. Is an adoptee an American citizen? Of course we are. The state governments don’t see it that way though. Adoptees are having issues with getting social security cards, joining the military and getting passports right now. In Missouri and several other states, the state legislators are considering legislation that will require identification. If an adoptee doesn’t have the required identification, the alternative is their birth certificates. If an amended birth certificate doesn’t look just right, like many of those from the BSE, an adoptee will not be able to vote. Did you get that? We will not be able to vote. Our amended birth certificates are legalized lies. They do not prove our birth in any state. At this point, the sealing of our original birth certificates have become a major civil rights violation. The natural mother privacy smivacy doesn’t count for diddley squat in my eyes. It is a violation of my rights, privileges and responsibility. It violates my American citizenship. God as my witness, I do respect my mother’s wish for no contact but not at the expense of my civil rights. Sorry that is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I will be one of the millions screaming bloody murder.

So think about this when you use that argument with me and millions like me, natural parent privacy doesn’t include the denial of my civil rights. She gave up her rights but she sure as hell didn’t give up mine. I take my right to vote very seriously. I take my right to join the military very seriously. I take my right to get a passport very seriously. Don’t think I won’t fight like hell to maintain those rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution. I flat out refuse to be a prisoner in my own country.

Here is the link. Here is the story.

Pawlenty vetoes bills dealing with surrogate mothers, adoption records

ST. PAUL (AP) Governor Pawlenty has added to his growing veto tally with two more strikes.

He has blocked a bill regulating contracts between surrogate mothers and would-be parents.

The "gestational carrier" legislation would have established ground rules for arrangements that are already happening. The bill included requirements that the surrogate be at least 21 and undergo a mental health evaluation.

Pawlenty says the bill "raises some significant ethical and public policy issues that have not been adequately addressed." He cited the lack of a compensation limit and protections for the surrogate mother.

He also vetoed a bill that would have given adoptive children greater ability to learn the identity of their birth parents. He says he's concerned it would breach confidentiality to birth parents who placed children up for adoption prior to 1977.

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