Thursday, May 15, 2008


Does anyone really recognize the significance of this era? I know the mothers and adoptees of that era do. We fight hard for the recognition of that time frame. I know adoption reformist for the most part do. It is part of adoption history. Regular people tell us to quit dwelling on the past. How can we make changes if we ignore that part of our past? How can we move forward without recognizing the mistakes of the past? The past teaches us lessons. Society and the adoption industry doesn't want us to learn from it. Why? We would learn their mistakes and hold them accountable for them.

A dear mother friend of mine, Jeanne, said, "If the wrongs that were perpetrated against millions of women in a 25 year era are NOT recognized by government and society in general, then there is no chance to even begin to think about ADOPTION REFORM today." I thought this statement was extremely profound.

The adoption industry doesn't want that era of adoption recognized at all. They don't want that time frame seriously scrutinized. This is why you see bills that has language that disallows both the adoptee and the natural parents from suing due to disclosure. Its not the actual disclosure that hurts people in adoption. Its the actions of the adoption industry. They sweat it every day that a bill is introduced.

Along this thought, I wonder if the Right to Life movement and the Pro Choice movement really understand what they have involved themselves with. I wonder if they knew half of what I know, how would they respond then? I would like to think that they would back away from it completely. I don't think that they would want to get themselves that dirty.

How do we change adoption once this is acknowledged? Where do we go from here? Obviously international adoption is rife with corruption. It is very eerily similar to the baby scoop era. I honestly think adoption must come to a complete halt. I can hear the adopters screaming, " What about those poor children!!!" Adoption as it stands right now hurts way too many people to include those children. Why must we hurt them further with the way adoption is currently practiced? Yes we are hurting them further. We are taking away their parents by means of coercion, threats, and poverty.

I do think that unfettered adoptee access with contact preference forms is a start. Making those entering an open adoption legally binding on both parties. Provide neutral counseling before and after relinquishments. I think in international adoption, the agencies should make every effort to find the natural parents of the child. The adopters should know who they are. In fact, I will go a step further. I think that the adopters should have a neutral company do a DNA testing. I am pretty sure these DNA companies are corrupted too. Its all part of a huge industry. Adotpees reaching adulthood should be given all of their identifying information immediately. I think we should implement psychological testing on adoptive parents. We are having too many adoptees dying or being abused. Adoption is about the adoptee. We are adoption. Every effort should be made to protect the adoptee who is legally available for adoption. We also need to put in a decent time frame for a natural parent to change their minds. I know way too many mothers change their minds within the first 24 hours. We also need to define coercion in its entirety.

Just my thoughts and opinions.

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