Tuesday, May 13, 2008


There are several bloggers in the political spectrum blogging about some birth certificate issues. This particular blogger came up on my google alerts for birth certificates. I of course left the comment. I will be truthful on the presidential election. I haven't decided. I guess some of the media is demanding to see Barak Obama's birth certificate. He does have Muslim heritage. Does that mean he is a Muslim? I don't know and at this point I really don't care. Honestly this kind of crap just makes me want to vote for him to spite many of the folks out there. They can come with some real radical stuff. For these folks that don't realize this, there might be someone who just might use the birth certificate for ulterior motives. So no I don't want Barak's birth certificate out in print.

Adoptees all over this country are beginning to have issues with their amended birth certificates. Adoptees are having issues with getting passports. I know that I would have an issue because my birth certificate doesn't have a complete date of file. Then there are folks who don't know or understand the differences of amended birth certificates in comparison to original birth certificates. Adoptees are also not being allowed into the military because of the differences in the birth certificates of adoptees. Aren't adoptees American citizens? Why are we beginnning to see more and more denial of our rights and responsibilities?

Indiana, my birth state, is now requiring identification for voting. If an older adoptee or a poor adoptee doesn't have a state ID or another form of picture ID, then have to use their birth certificate. Indiana's amended birth certificates are suspect anyway because they are half the size of a normal birth certificate. There is no hospital listed on our amended birth certificates. There is no time of birth listed on our birth certificates. There is no height or weight listed on our birth certificates. We can't prove with our amended birth certificates that we were born in Indiana. Our amended birth certificates sometimes don't have the date of file on it just like mine doesn't. So now our voting rights will be denied.

Its time to start voting out these legislators that won't give us our original birth certificates. We need them now just to exercise our rights as American citizens.

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