Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Every time they issue a report, it creates great hoopla in adoption. I honestly love it most of the time. They hit the nail on the head as always with their report. We need to really rethink the way adoption is practiced. Unlike the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, I believe that adoption needs massive overhaul and major investigation. Too many families are being hurt by the adoption industry while they continue to profit off all of us.

Here are the links to the story across the nation concerning this report. There are more than two hundred articles concerning this issue. Even CNN did a story on this report.

The adoption industry honestly needs to answer for what they did to the mothers in the Baby Scoop Era. They need to acknowledge that what they did was bad practice and harmful. Opening original birth certificates to all living adoption is one of the ways. Making open adoptions legally binding on ALL parties. All parties must remember that they are accountable to the child. The adoption industry really needs to hear the adoptee voices and act upon all of them.

This is the conclusion that Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute:

In order for children of color to be placed with families who can meet their long-term needs, consideration must be given to needs arising from racial/ethnic differences. Consequently, when workers choose permanent families for children, and when they seek to prepare and support them in addressing the children's needs, race must be one consideration - such as promoting connection of the child to adults and children from their own racial/ethnic group, developing a positive racial/ethnic identity, and learning to deal with discrimination they may experience. Sound social work practice to accomplish these goals is severely impeded under current federal law and policy.

Attention to the well-being of African American children in the child welfare system needs to become a top priority for the future development of laws, policies, practice, and research. For decades, we have documented and discussed the reasons for inequities, and it is essential for these children that promising solutions, such as those recommended above, be implemented thoughtfully and expeditiously.

[1] The Voice for Adoption is a coalition whose Board is composed of Adoption Advocacy, Adopt America Network, Adoption Exchange Association, the Adoption Exchange Inc., Casey Family Services, Child Welfare League of America, Children Awaiting Parents, Family Builders Network, Kinship Center, Lilliput Children's Services, National Adoption Center, New York Council on Adoptable Children, North American Council on Adoptable Children, Spaulding for Children, and Michigan Three Rivers Adoption Council.


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