Friday, May 23, 2008


Why do they keep issuing warnings? Why don't they shut them down? Why don't they jail these jerks? Oh right, they are already shut down. Excuse me I just don't understand. If they are doing illegal and unethical practices, why are these folks in front of a court?

Lets see 900 cases at a minimum of $30,000. That is $27,000,000. That is quite a bit of motivation to keep robbing people of children and money. Adoption corruption is all over the country. When will the media realize that it is really far worse than just this particular case? The state of Florida is well known for their thieving attorneys such as Michael Shorstein, Patricia Stowbridge, and Jeanne Tate.

Here is the link. Here is the story.

DCF Sends Another Warning To Adoption Agency

Posted By: Jackelyn Barnard 1 hr ago

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- The state of Florida has taken more action against an adoption agency with ties to the First Coast.

Florida and Georgia officials are investigating Adoption Blessings Worldwide. The state, last week, sent a cease and desist letter to the agency warning them to stop operating a child placing agency without a license in Florida.

The agency is located in Macon, Georgia, but its executive director, Tedi Hedstrom, lives in Ponte Vedra. One Florida couple, who did not want to be identified, say they paid the agency $40,000 to get two healthy children.The couple says they were offered sick children, including one with AIDS.

First Coast News has learned that on Friday the Department of Children and Families sent a second warning to ABW to stop doing business in Florida without a license. The second warning also focuses on the agency advertising in Florida.

The First Coast News I-team found a community listing online for ABW with a Ponte Vedra Beach location and phone number.

We also found invitations advertising recent parties in Atlantic Beach and Ponte Vedra for ABW.

"What we've done is send a cease and desist order. Another cease and desist order, a second order to ABW and Ms. Hedstrom. Our concern is she is violating state statutes by advertising for clients without a license," says John Harrell of the DCF.

The new order specifically states Hedstrom remove and stop all advertisements or offers to the public in Florida. That includes phone directory listings, internet listings and ads for adoption recruitment parties.

First Coast News went to Hedstrom's Ponte Vedra home for comment. Her husband declined to talk on camera. But Tedi Hedstrom did call First Coast News after we left. Hedstrom told us by phone that she did not know some of the advertisements online existed.

Hedstrom says she is working with the DCF and will not be accepting new Florida clients until DCF deems it appropriate.

Some of the ads are still posted online but Hedstrom says she is canceling them.

Hedstrom also says she plans to apply for a license in the state of Florida.

The Hedstroms also say they have helped in more than 900 successful adoptions in eleven countries.

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Dawn & Joe DeLorenzo said...

Well, she surrendered her license in Florida for her agency called Tedi Bear Adoptions a few years back. Then she applied for a license in Georgia and opened shop there. I don't understand how this woman is able to get a licensed revoked and then move to another state to operate (meanwhile she is really still running out of Florida in her "home office") ~it's amazing!!!