Friday, May 02, 2008


Evidently Howie Mandel from "Deal or No Deal" fame is even weighing on adoption. I found this link in my google alerts. Its pretty funny.

Here is what he has to say. I think its delightfully sarcastic and dry. Thank you for stating it like it is, Howie.

Adoption? Why not just have a baby?!

My brother-in-law called me last week and told me him and his wife were adopting. As a person raised and loved by birth-parents, I had to take a step back and look at adoption with an objective eye; however I really don’t get the appeal.

ADOPT-EES - if you have made the life choice to be adopted as a new born, you are getting involved in a lottery that doesn’t always pay out. Chances are your “mom” and “dad” spent all the money they had just to get you – and that includes the college fund. Right away you’re staring at a deficit. There’s a good chance you won’t even get that new car you want on your 16th birthday. Also, be prepared on those birthdays to hear how hard it was to get you. You may be hear “you better appreciate it” and “2nd morgages don’t grow on trees”.

ADOPT-ERS - there is an obvious up-side that I don’t want to over look; being able to reach bi-racial status. It would be nice to finally silence your nay-sayers and prove once and for all that you ARE tolerant of other races….look what you just bought! I also hear that after awhile they really start to look like their owners. However, I’m not convinced that having an alternative race choice is enough to warrant all the trouble of adoption.

It also baffles me that people are willing to shell out thousands of dollars for just one baby. Especially with living in an age of competitive cost websites like eBay, I would think you could find a pretty solid deal. So here’s my question to you: Why adopt? Why not just HAVE a baby?


Mirah said...

I LOVE IT! I love sarcastic humor. Only thing I would change is that adoptees biggest concern should be not living up to the expectations of their price tag.

Miss. Vaughn said...

omfg! is this real? did my howie actually write this? this fucking rocks!