Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I get frustrated with folks sometimes. I can point out in many different cases the need for adoption reform. Its happening with too much frequency. I watch my statistics on my blog very very carefully to see who visits.

When I posted updates on the FLDS Sect, I noticed the hits that I was getting. It scared me enough to contact the Texas Rangers and other members of law enforcement. The comments alone were enough to send me reaching for a puke bucket. I am really concerned for the young mothers of that sect. I worry about their children. Texas does have its issues with foster care. Its all privatized. Even Gladney is part of that system. So you know that corruption abounds in it. The hits that I was getting were people interested in adopting these children. Its going to take months if not years for the state to figure this case out. These children will not be available for adoption period. They do have families that honestly need counseling and support. I also think that the LDS Church should step up and help out with the members of this sect. I believe that the LDS Church is probably supporting them. How else would they be able to afford all the attorneys? With this being said, I repeat, these children are not available for adoption. I worry about the two young babies that were recently born to young mothers. I worry that the state will separate these mothers from their children. Surely we can work to keep them together.

Another situation is the China earthquake. Why is it people entitle themselves to children who may or may not be orphaned? Before you make that call to the adoption agencies who work in China, give the Chinese government a bit of time to make sure that these children are not orphaned. In recent weeks, we have had two separate arrests situations with people selling and transporting so called orphans to China. They do this to attain more of the adopters money. What is happening is another BSE for international adoption. It amazes me that no one sees this. I just watched a video with an FBI agent discussing the Cambodia situation. He was presenting the case to prevent future corruption in adoption. The video is a few years old. It is still happening now. If our State Department and U. S. Embassies are pointing things out and stating there are issues, it is probably much worse than we think it is. I have always known this to be true of the federal government. I have worked with the government both as a military and civilian. I have a good basis for this judgement.

Another friend of mine wrote about a couple of websites. I even wrote about them myself. I know that both sites are dry and dark sarcastic humor. Sadly you have to wonder if this is a reality. I have heard the adoption underground speak of a pedophile adoption playbook for older children that are not so easily adopted. Masha Allen is a perfect example of that. There are a couple of other stories that the adoption industry has kept very quiet about. All you have to do is google adopted child or foster child. You will find stories of foster parents or adoptive parents sexually molesting children.

Then we have stories of adoptive parents killing adoptees. I demand a greater examination and accountability of the adoption industry. I request that the JCICS and the NCFA step aside and let the FBI take over. Changes must be made to promote greater transparency in adoption. I think the United States should close the books for international adoption until all of it can be investigated. I demand greater sentences and prison terms for people dealing in child trafficking. I demand that the state and federal legislators make baby selling and baby buying illegal in the United States. We need to tell those who act entitled to another's child to back off. Yes adopters that holds you accountable.

I am tired of being considered a gift. I am not an object or organ that is donated. I am a human being with the same rights, privileges, and responsibilities as both adoptive parents and natural parents. I am tired of being told to shut up and be grateful that I was not aborted or dumped. I think Safe Haven laws should be abolished. It is just a way for a mother or another individual to circumvent the due process of both parents. Its a way to violate the rights of the adoptee further down the road.

Adoptees are not merchandise that is bought or sold. Adoptees are human beings who should be afforded the same rights as every non adopted American citizens. Adoptees should be allowed access to their own birth certificates. It is getting to point in our society thank to President Bush we need them to prove our birth.

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