Thursday, May 08, 2008


I came across this article yesterday. My instant angry response to these types of folks is so. So you bought clothes and decorated a room for a child that you weren't sure if the adoption was even going to be finalized. You can't tell me that there were hints of this going on. I know for the last six months or so that international adoptive parent bloggers have been buzzing about it. I have even referred folks to them. I have even added them on my blog links as folks who get it.

Here is the article:

A disagreement between the United States and Vietnam could devastate a local couple's adoption plan.Heidi Fenton has a closet full of baby girl clothes.She and her husband have been trying to adopt an infant from Vietnam.However, Vietnam stopped taking adoption applications from Americans on Sept. 1 following a U.S. Embassy report of infants being sold and mothers being pressured to give up their babies.The Fentons have been working with an adoption agency for 18 months and they have spent $10,000 on the adoption so far. Heidi Fenton estimates it will cost a total of $30,000."I wish the two governments could work it out so that those of us that have been in the process this long could get our babies," she told KMBC's Maria Antonia.Figures indicate more Americans are trying to adopt babies from Vietnam because it has fewer restrictions than China.According to one estimate, in 2007 the number of Vietnamese children adopted by American families increased 400 percent from the previous year.

Then a fellow adoptee blogger brought some seriously good points that all adoptive parents should pay heed to. Some really good points. So check out her blog and really think about what you are doing.

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Baby Love Child said...

Thanks for the link.

Gershom also blogged it over here and I was commenting on that.

I think many of use are completely disgusted and repulsed by the "But I bought stuff!" excuse.

But people put their money towards their hopes and then come to EXPECT the outcome they want in a sick reciprocity.

Glad to see you writing on it as well.