Tuesday, May 06, 2008


This study just does not address the issue of adoptees at all. I love how this study describes as nutty. It really angers me that another label has been attached to me. Seriously what was the purpose of this study. Was it further dismiss the needs of adoptees? Its bad enough that I should be grateful that someone took me in and clothed me. I should be grateful that I was aborted or dumped. Okay seriously there are times where I wish that I was. It hurts me that my own natural mother is so ashamed of her actions way back then ( I mean way back then - I am fourty two years old) that she can't even bring herself to make contact with me. Try to deal with that kind of knowledge. Let me tell you. You will be just like me. I know she knows where I am at. I know that she has all my information. Adoption as it was practiced back then and still in some agencies now has hurt adoptees and their natural parents.

In this article, Adam Pertman basically said that it was still okay to adopt. Is it me or can't anyone just see that its really adoption as its practiced that is bad for both adoptees and their parents? Why can't anyone recognize that its the lies, myths and misinformation that the adoption industry puts out that is causing this kind of angst amongst adoptees and their families?
Oh I forget. I know I should be grateful. By the way, what kind of person tells that to an adoptee? Why don't the same kind of people tell that to the non adopted? You know why they don't? They will get themselves in an altercation that they might not survive. Quit covering this kind of crappola up.

In another article, there are so many of them out there. One of the researchers actually said that it was the health care of the mother that caused it. You know the drugs, the alcohol and other such devices. EXCUSE ME? I don't think my natural mother is a drug addict or a crack whore. I know better. The industry made sure that myth still proliferates. Did anyone consider that it just might be the shock of the loss that causes permanent damage? Did they even differentiated infant adoption and foster care? Probably not. This study is hogwash. Period

Of course not. Our mothers are crackwhores. We are angry and ungrateful adoptees. The industry wants the halo placed on the adoptive parents. While this is going on, the industry doesn't get scrutinized and they get to shirk back into the dark undetected.

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