Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I really want to know. Some of the Indiana adoptees just whine about not having their information. Some of them are so sickeningly thankful that they weren't aborted. Many don't realize that it was not an option for their mothers. If you are an adoptee who has stumbled upon this blog, read Ann Fessler's The Girls Who Went Away. Another book you should read is Betty J. Lifton's book, The Journey of the Adopted Self. I can guarantee you will find pieces of yourself in the book. Another one is Betty J. Lifton's book is Twice Born. Reading that book was really enlightening. She searched when you just didn't do that. She is one of the bravest adoptees out there. I respect her for that. She has been trying to change adoption for a long long time.

So really fellow adoptees why do you not stand up for your rights? YOUR RIGHTS? Why don't you fight for your birth certificate? Why don't you fight to expose the corruption in adoption? Look at what they did to our mothers and fathers. Can you not see that it is still going on now today? If you don't believe me, ask Bryce Carkhuff (Certainly you saw him on the Dr. Phil show), Cody O'Dea, Camira Bailey, Stephanie Bennett, Allison Quets, Joshua Simmerson, and Shawn McDonald. This is just the tip of the iceberg. These are just some of the cases that we know about. They did this very thing to YOUR MOTHER. They humiliated and shamed her. They called her a whore and a slut. Maybe that is where they get the myth of the "crackwhore birthmother."

I will continue to fight for my rights as well as yours. What are you doing to contribute to the cause? For starters, you can go to the Adoptee Rights Protest website. You can also write letters to legislators especially those in Minnesota, South Carolina, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and a few other states. I write to these states along with Texas and Indiana. In fact I already have one legislator already lined up for Texas. If I can do this, work a full time job, be a wife and mother, why can't you? I also run two other websites, Indiana Open and Coleman Moms and Babes. Stand up and make your voices heard. Don't settle for less than your equal right. Write a blog. Are you less than any other individual in this country? Why do you let them treat you that way? Why whine about it when you can fight about it? The mothers of this country will tell you that they were not promised confidentiality. They don't want it either. They don't want you denied of your right to your original birth certificate. Its getting to a point where adoptees need these documents to prove their birth in order to get a passport or join the military. Thank President Bush for that one. Homeland Security and all. Are you a prisoner of your own country? STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY YOURS. NOW IS THE TIME. MAKE THEM HEAR OUR VOICES.

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Marley Greiner said...

We live in a complacent culture. Most people won't stand up for anything. If they want something they expect somebody else to get it for them. People are by nature compliant ass kissers. Just look at the current political scene. Adoptees are no different.