Sunday, June 22, 2008


My first encounter with a crisis pregnancy center was with a friend that needed a pregnancy verification test for her medicaid benefits. She went to the local CPC with her husband and son. They asked her three times that she relinquish her baby. THREE TIMES IN FRONT OF HUSBAND AND CHILD.

What set me off today was this article. Pat Boone needs to shut his mouth. Planned parenthood is a tax funded growth industry. As a young woman, I used Planned Parenthood services. I used them to get my yearly exam and my birth control products. I however never had an abortion. I can bet that the adoption industry and CPC's like CareNet make a great deal more money. Non profit is all about profit.

The adoption industry is at least a three billion dollar business. This is only infant adoption. The tax dollars that adoption agencies receive from the state and federal governments for foster care is not included in this little sum of money. There are a few agencies in Texas alone that get close to $100,000,000.

I find it even more interesting with these agencies getting funds from state and federal governments, these agencies use this funds to continue to discriminate against adoptees and families. The states have created an immunity and privilege special for adoption.

Another interesting fact is that adoption agencies are connected to the Right to Life movement. The National Council for Adoption is in thick with them. These CPCs and the adoption agencies are dead set against Roe vs. Wade but use it to intentionally thwart adoptees and their families. They use it to discriminate against them.

After reviewing the IRS form 990, Planned Parenthood gets $85,000,000 per year. Not all of it comes from the government. They earn a lot of it through donations and services rendered. Services like family planning, yearly exams for women, and abortions. Adoption industry earns that in a year within one state. So really who is making money here? I don't think Planned Parenthood and all of its affiliates have earned near the three billion dollar a year that the adoption industry has earned. Again this is just the domestic infant adoption. If you figure in the international adoption side of this industry, it goes up to seven billion dollars a year.

The Right to Life movement needs to re-access who they associate with. These agencies continually fight to make life harder for the mothers and the adoptees.

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