Sunday, June 08, 2008


She is married to Hugh Jackman. He is absolutely awesome in the X-Men. It was my favorite comic growing up as a kid, courtesy of my best friend, Bryan. I loved those comics. Wolverine is just an awesome character. His marriage to this insane woman has tempered my feelings towards him as an actor.

She wants the world to start thinking that it is a right to adopt. Uhmmmm No I don't think so. She really irritates me as a whole. How do you explain to a nut that she doesn't have the right to adopt anyone's child? Adoption is not a right. One individual is not entitled to another's child. She is really coming off this way. This kind of attitude has hurt the industry here in the United States.

Doesn't she realize the damage that she has done to her child with her attitude? I had heard someone where that the natural mother to one of her children committed suicide. Does she realize that damage is irrevocable. Her child will know the truth. I wish she would cease her rant.

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