Thursday, June 26, 2008


It never ceases to amaze me how people find me. I honestly don't get it. Someone came to my blog using the search words "anti adoption protest in New Orleans." Okay that protest is not anti adoption. It is about adoptee rights. We are not promoting or demoting adoption in any form or fashion. We are however against the discrimination that adoptees face.

With Department of Homeland Security promoting proof of citizenship laws and the Real ID program, adoptees are facing possible civil rights violations. Why? We can't prove our birth in 44 states. This will restrict an adoptee from getting a passport, joining the military, getting retirement benefits, and even the right to vote.

For the non adopted, the individual and their parents have access to that birth certificate. There are not any questions. The individual doesn't have to ask permission from their parents to get access to their birth certificate. Why do adoptees and their families? In most states the natural parents don't even have access to that original birth certificate. This is discrimination period. Everyone in the fifty states has special access to the documents with their names on them. Adoptees and their families are shut out.

You must consider why the records are really sealed. The adoption is not sealed at relinquishment but at the finalization. Most would say that it protects the adopters. It may have started out like that. Its not that way now. I honestly believe its to hide the secrets of the adoption agencies and their attorneys. All you have to do is look at the news. There are tons of stories of adoptees and their families being rooked over by the agencies.

Adopters and natural parents are screaming for transparency in adoption. Adoptees are screaming for it. How long before people listen?

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