Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I am always thrilled when an adoptee writes a letter. This letter is way off base. Adoption is a little more complicated than what this adoptees is making it to be.

Here is the link and the letter:

Easier adoptions can ease abortions

The right to life does not end at birth. Those who are "pro-life" are all too often focused on only one area, the prevention of abortion. Better that we prevent pregnancy or deal with the reason a woman feels she needs an abortion.
If you are well educated and secure in who you are and where you are going, are knowledgeable and understand how to prevent unwanted pregnancy, there is much less likelihood of pregnancy. The decision to terminate a pregnancy is often driven by money. Being a single mother often means a lifetime living below the poverty line. Education is again one key; financial security will mean less likelihood the mother will feel the need for an abortion.
I am a big fan of adoption. I was adopted. Make adoption easier and do not try and block those who wish to adopt. Those who are "pro-life" are often those who would block foster parenting and adoption by those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered. Vote for people who believe in the right to life, absolutely, but that does not mean only anti-abortion.
Thomas Grover
Metamora, Ohio

Mr. Grover, we as a society don't want to make adoption easier;however, we do want to make it more ethical and moral. Adoption as it stands now is not about the child. It is about the adoption agency. We can start by allowing adoptees access to their own records especially in the state of Ohio. We can start by closing adoption agencies like A Child's Waiting. That agency has hurt more people than helped. We must begin to regulate adoption agencies as a whole. Believe it or not, adoption agencies are tightly working with the Right to Life especially the Ohio Right to Life organizations.

Another way to help women with their crisis pregnancies is to advise fully of their options. Lets take coercion out of the equation. Lets also take money out of the equation. Lets actually educated young men and women what their bodies do. Lets use education to help improve the lives of women and men. Lets also make men accountable for their actions in sex. A woman can't get pregnant on her own. Lets make open adoptions legally binding. Lets make sure that natural parents realize that even though their rights are terminated, they are still parents. We can't wipe out that biological connection. We must honor that connection. Those are just a few ideas.

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