Wednesday, July 16, 2008


John McCain has hoof in mouth disease right now. He said that he suspport the Bush administration on bans on gay adoption. He has since back peddled his way out of this by saying it should be left up to the states. Florida is the only state in the nation that has an outright ban on it.

Now I have nothing against homosexuals or lesbians adopting. I have nothing against them getting married. I had a gay roommate in the military. She was and still is a friend that I admire and respect. I honestly believe that she should have the same rights, responsibilities, and privileges as I do. Although it may be against every one's religion to be gay, I don't think that God would see us as being right in denying another human being the same rights as we are given. It is not our place to judge.

What does concern me is this right to adopt. It is pitting the right to adopt against the right to parent. I am really surprised that the adoption industry hasn't gotten on their band wagon. Because it would make the right to adopt equivalent to the right to parent. The adoption industry would love to see this happen. This kind of logic scares me because it could send us back into the dark ages. Who would decide who has the right to parent?

The right to adopt is a statutory right where as the right to parent is a fundamental right. I am not saying that gays shouldn't be allowed to adopt. I am just saying that one right is not more than another nor are they equal. Do I think gays have a discrimination case? You bet. I think gay parents can be a real asset to foster care. Our government and adoption industry are treating them just as separately as they do adoptees and their families. Separate is not equal though. We as a country must remember to not inflict our religious judgements on others. It is not our place to judge. Lest we become the Pharisees of the bible.


The Improper Adoptee said...

I strongly disagree with this post. Sorry, but I do, on many levels. First of all, there are gay couples that would opt for closed adoption. For years they have been aggressively fighting to get what they feel is their "civil" right to marry, yet some gay couples would be oppressing a closed adoption adoptees rights to know who they are. That is hypocritical and those couples have no right to do that. Secondly, a straight person HAS a right to feel uncomfortable around gay people. I remember the first time I saw a gay guy I know kiss another guy-that action looked pyschotic to me and it scared me. No person should be forced to have their feelings on what gay people do changed and be forced to accept it. Gay couples who adopt a straight child are doing just that, opressing a person's rights to feel how they feel again. Granted, I am not saying it is right to be violent to gay people-of course it isn't but I and everyone else have a right to not like what they do if I don't want too. There are gay activists in my state that are trying to get rid of the beastality laws-I think that is digusting and I feel some sexual practices gay people engage in and feel are correct are not appropiate for children to live around or hear about when they are older. I also feel that adoption agencies that let same sex couples adopt are hypocrites as well, because BSE moms had us taken away from them because there was not a mother and father-granted, they had NO right to do that, and being raised by your real mom who is alone, is better imo than being raised by two strangers and not being allowed to know your real family, but why should adoption agencies get rewared now financially for being hypocrites? I think if you decide to be in a relationship that isn't going to naturally produce a child, (as in a gay unioun)) then you accept you will be childless. Just how I feel.

Amyadoptee said...

I don't thinks gays would deny that there was an adoption. It might be closed yes. I liked to think that they would be more understanding of the issue of discrimination. I am not necessarily talking about infant adoption. I think foster care might be a good case for them.

Women have been raising children for thousands of years. More often than not without the help of men.

All I am saying is that the right to adopt isn't necessary a right but more a privilege. The right to adopt could become something like the BSE era. That concerns me. Society and the law would be in the position again to decide who is the best parent for a child.That is where we would be if adoption became a right.