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Maybe this will get others to think about what we are doing here in the United States and in other countries as well. Remember it is the all mighty dollar that is controlling of adoption. I don't know who wrote this or it is by. Several of the commenters wanted to attack the article.

Here is the link. Here is the article. Enjoy. Whoever wrote this, Kudos.

Just had a baby a few days ago and as I was browsing a popular Catholic blog, I came along this prayer request in which I felt I could not intercede upon (seen inside the fold). I think many fellow Catholics might disagree with me and I don’t know how fellow contributors on Opine might feel about this, but the point be made that moms who are married seeming never have to worry about giving up their babies at birth.

More in the fold on how adoption turns into selfishness by others with a process that preys on pregnant woman leaving no protections for the baby to be with its own mother.

Here is the prayer request
”Please pray for a friend. He and his wife were in the process of adopting a third child and have had her for more than two months. Suddenly, two days ago, the incompetent and immature birth parents demanded the baby back. They have little hope of legal redress. Prayer is the only thing that can help.

Bad as the situation is, it's the second time this has happened to them. The law makes it so easy to kill babies but not to adopt them.”

I just gave birth to my fourth just a few days ago. I just couldn't imagine any mother, no matter the circumstances, would willingly give up her own child. Making the adoption process for those who want a baby easier doesn't make it easier for the mother.

It turns very well intended adoptive parents into simply making the baby a want and it makes birth parents into products of production. No woman it going to go through to the tolls of pregnancy, birth, and labor just to walk away from her child. So rather then helping out "incompetent and immature' parents we deemed that they aren't worthy enough and put adoptive parents on a pedestal and label them living Saints.

Is it really pro-life or pro-family, when one can think a woman can so easily walk away from their biological child? If a good pro-lifer can think a mother can walk away from a full-termed baby she delivered, then a woman having an abortion shouldn't be a big deal under the same reasoning. How many women rather have an abortion, because they can’t bear the idea of someone taking their baby away? I could guess a lot!

I know I’ve mentioned several times that word matrimony, literally means the making of a mother. Marriage should be as a concept obligated that father to support the mother of his children, not simply financially but emotionally and physically. Just this week while in the hospital, one could see fathers everywhere simply not waiting in a room but participating in their child’s birth from labor to delivery to postpartum care. Even if the father was not in the picture new mothers had family to support her physically. There is no way a woman, even someone who has good labor experiences like myself could do it without family. Think about it a laboring woman can't even drive herself to the hospital.

Many people believe in the concept of choice in terms of family planning and having a baby, but our decisions are heavily weighed even coerced by the circumstances in which other choose for the woman whether to support her or not if she becomes pregnant.

As a community we pass off a lot of judgment on the woman and child. Sometimes unfortunately we like to dress it up that we are doing the right thing by taking the child away from its mother, in the name of saving a life, but it seems no one is interested in the well being and life of the mother. The mother simply becomes a breeding pod for the adoptive parents who could be religious, secular, a couple, a single person, heterosexual, or homosexual, all who are too wrapped up in themselves.

Imagine what will happen if this child stays with the adoptive parents?We're not taking about little orphan Annies in which both parents are dead, in these cases the parents are very much alive and wanted their babies, they just don't have the support. The child will learn that one day s/he was indeed adopted, search for birth parents, and then learned his/her birth parents tried to get him/her back only to for the adoptive parents. What do you think the child opinion of the adoptive parents will be?

There are children though who can't be raised by their parents and biological family isn't there, the difference that society must take is that children are not property and that have inherent rights.

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