Friday, July 11, 2008


Okay I am not understanding this. Why is a credit company accredited through the Council on Accreditation. The COA is accreditation for adoption agencies. On this list is a listing that I found odd. Someone explain to me why Credit Counselors/Clearpoint Financial Solutions are being accredited by an non profit organization for international adoptions.

I looked further. Most of the states have these in their listings for adoption agency accreditation. This is just freaky. You can't tell me that adoption isn't about money. It sure the hell is when they have credit counseling organizations in the Council on Accreditation. I wonder if it is a way for these agencies to manipulate the credit reports for the prospective adoptive parents. I also wonder if it is another way for them to further in debt the prospective adoptive parents.

Another interesting program that is associated with the COA is the employee assistance programs. I wonder if they target expectant mothers who use this program. Just really odd.

Just things that cross my mind. MBNA was the card of choice for the National Council for Adoption when I first started this journey. Now it is Bank of America that is doing the NCFA credit card. I know that Chase Banks are also doing adoption loans. Wow. Big Money. Hmmm, do they realize that this is being tracked by people like me?

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