Sunday, July 20, 2008


I can't write about it. This woman should not have been let out of jail. She was found guilty on two charges of baby stealing. She was sentanced to 3-10 years in jail. A woman lost her life and a child lost his mother. I can't write about it because this baby boy was due on my birthday. Sorry you can read the full details at Baby Love Child. My heart just sank into the pit of my stomach.


Eve said...

I clipped this story from my local paper tonight and added it to my file of similar stories. I've been saving them for about 10 years now--it's a horrifying, wicked trend and I don't know why nobody's written about it yet. There are enough cases of murderous baby greed now that one could write a book about them. The poor mother and poor little baby.

Amyadoptee said...

Discovery Channels introduced a new channel called Investigation Discovery. It is mostly about the various crimes in the country. They do a lot of the 48 hours/20/20 and so forth type of shows. I saw an episode on this type of case. An adoptee was the first woman to have ever committed this type of crime. I caught about forty five minutes of it. Then about a month ago, they did two shows on it. In fact there was a notorious case here in my area. The woman was from Crowell Texas. She brought the baby she kidnapped to the nursing home where her mother worked. It was pretty wild to know that. I have been meaning to write about it in more detail. I wanted to get this standards of the COA out first.