Wednesday, August 13, 2008



I know this is not adoption related. I have to giggle every time I have heard this story. I have been hearing this story for years. Recently there was a story out of Cuero, Texas about this creature. Admittedly it does look different than a coyote. I thought it looked like a hairless coyote. There are a few of them up here. It does have a longer snout, longer back legs. I just don't know. You tell me. I think its hysterical. This is the image from the law enforcement's vehicle. He was following the creature.

We lived on Shahan Ranch in Bracketville, Texas. I heard this story often. That ranch was a cattle, sheep, and goat ranch. We never saw these animals. We heard the rumors enough though. I was asked often enough if I had ever seen one. I have however seen quite a few hairless coyotes. I always worry about my dogs getting near them because they had sarcopic mange. I still think this legend is funny. Blood sucking dogs vamping on goats and sheep. LMAO

You can read more about them here.

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Anonymous said...

Don't know if this is a blood sucking vamp of goats and sheep BUT it is akward, strange looking for sure. It's walk/trot is different from the coyote's we have up here in NE. Never have seen a hairless coyote though...have seen some really mangy ones from time to time though.

Keep us posted on the Chupacabres sightings!