Monday, August 25, 2008


An article in the Arkansas news has really blown me away. The Arkansas ban on gay adoption has made it to the ballot. To be honest, I am just stumped. How can we deny children possible parents because of their sexual orientation or unmarriedness? What about the children who have been molested and sexually assaulted? I think there are situations where gay parents would be good for a child.

Back a decade or so ago, I had a friend, K. She was a really incredible friend. We got along great. Then she became my roommate in the barracks. When she did this, she told me upfront that she was gay. She asked if I had an issue with it. I said no. I knew that she had a girlfriend. I knew that she was crazy about her. So I never felt threatened.

About a year before my husband and I got married, we broke up for a short period of time. Another female friend of mine left for Texas basically to chase him down. I fell apart. K was a dear blessing in my life. It was wonderful to have a friend that wasn't interested in my man. It was nice to have a friend that was interested in just being friends. I was at my darkest hour and she was there for me. Really there for me. I will always be in her debt.

I think about these foster children who have been abused by those most trusted. I think about my experience with my friend. If she can heal me, I know that she could heal a child. If she could heal a child, then so can other gay folks. After reading this blogger, I know that is the truth. I don't think any state should have this kind of power.

Here is the article and the link:

The head of the Arkansas Family Council Action Committee said Monday that the group's proposed initiated act has been certified by the secretary of state's office for the Nov. 4 ballot.

Jerry Cox, the council's president, said that more than 85,000 signatures have been certified as valid. A spokeswoman for the secretary of state did not immediately return a call Monday.

The group needed to turn in 61,974 signatures from registered voters. The committee submitted additional petitions last week after the secretary of state said it didn't turn in enough valid signatures.

The proposal is aimed at effectively banning gays and lesbians from becoming foster or adoptive parent

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