Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The right to life wingnuts will tell you that adoption is the way to go to reduce abortion. What is amazing to me is that they think its that simple. Its so much more. As a mother myself, I could not ever give a child up for adoption. I know what it means to be an adoptee in this country. I am not nor will I ever be grateful that I was not aborted or placed in a dumpster.

Many will say what is the difference between them. A woman is getting rid of child either way. Its not that simple. I have said this before. There is one guarantee with abortion. That babe is headed back to heaven. With adoption, its a crapshoot. All of the presidential candidates want to make adoption easier. I say no. We are having too many deaths and injuries to adoptees in this country. All you have to do is google adopted child. You will see what I mean. I think it should be more difficult. I also think that the adoption industry should be ethically accountable to those of us living adoption. An example of this is in the news as well. Just google Commonwealth Adoptions International and A Child's Waiting. To hear the horror stories that these families have gone through is enough to send any prospective adoptive parent running.

Then we must look at the heartache that many natural mothers have gone through. We as a society can't ignore what they went through. The mothers of the Baby Scoop Era will tell you that there was no choice. Looking back and reading many books, there wasn't. Most of these women did not want to relinquish. They wanted to raise their own children.

The Catholic in Alliance for the Common Good put this study out. Its worth reading. Its what the mothers of the past have said all along. You see though the Right to Life movement gets disappointed when women keep. That is why they offer only one option. Now the Right to Life Movement is now attacking contraception. All you have to do is look at what is happening in the United States Department of Health and Human Services. They would like eliminate most forms of contraception. I hope the women of America are standing up and paying attention. The Right to Life movement wants to go back to controlling your sexuality, your own autonomy and your humanness.

Its time to stand up and pay close attention folks. They are going after our children.

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