Saturday, August 23, 2008


Recently I had a commenter on one of my posts about Commonwealth Adoptions International. I am going to do what I love best with adoption agencies. FLAME THEM. This person must be one of those that has been contacted to defend the agency.

Leslie is the author of this:

I am sad to see your post with so many inacuracies. I know this agency well/for many years, your facts are mostly wrong. Marina Mayhew IS ETHICAL. I don't know of many agencies who are able to please 100% of their "give me instant gratification" adoptive families 100% of the time. You should stick to topics of which you are better informed. Liked your home school info but then after I read your uninformed posts on CAI, I lost all respect of your other "stuff."

Hmmm interesting. The blogger profile is set to private as I am sure the blog is as well. Why? Afraid of someone like me. Little ol' me. I have recently also found out that there are 342 cases currently being transferred. This does not include the completed adoptions in the last year. Lets just say the average is $25,000 to $30,000 per adoption. That puts into question $8 million to $ 10 million dollars. Where did that money go?

If she is so ethical, why isn't her policy on nepotism in her IRS statement? Why is the COA according to her website saying that she is charging adoptive parents different prices? If she is so ethical, why isn't she refunding all these adoptive parents their money? Why isn't she giving all of these adoptive parents a choice on which agency that their files are going to? If she is so ethical, why isn't she giving these adoptive parents their adoption files? If she is so ethical, why is she still begging for money from previous adoptive parents? Why does she have all these adoptive parents signing a form stating that they can not voice their opinions? Why does the BBB give them a bad rating? Why is the Attorney General of Arizona looking into this now?

You know how it is. Enquiring minds and all. By the way, that homeschooling blog is fairly new. This blog however is two plus years old. I have done my research. Obviously you haven't.

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Bill, Gina & Jilliann said...

It's funny that she talks about CAII and Marina Mayhew being "ethical". The organization doesn't just deny agencies COA accredidation for the heck of it...there's a reason. I received an email from the Hague Accred. board as to why they were denied...I'm willing to share it!