Tuesday, September 09, 2008


The Locator aired over the weekend on WE. I personally have not watched the show. The commercials in themselves are way too triggering for me to watch. Many of the adoption bloggers have been talking about it. FaithA has her opinion which I fully understand. Adoptive parents do not want to be surprised by this kind of search while their children are young. Many of us explained it to her. She was great about it. The natural mother bloggers have been talking about it as well as adoptees. Admittedly I did apply for it. I didn't get accepted. I was cool with all of the adoption folks talking about this show. They are fully within their rights to discuss. After all, they all live adoption.

However I ran into this post. It stopped me in my tracks. I guess with both the Pro Life Movement and the Pro Choice groups that we are just "its." We are only deserving/not deserving rights prior to birth. This is why I say many of the women's groups have forgotten the mothers who chose to be mothers and the mothers who wanted to be mothers. It has also forgotten that adoptees also grow up to be women too. First off I am sure that Troy Dunn got permission from the folks in his show. I can scream this from the roof top but it wouldn't make a great deal of difference to these folks. They think the right to privacy in Roe vs. Wade includes anonymity that just doesn't exist. No one can be that private any longer especially in the technology age.

The right to search for one's relatives is considered normal with the non adopted but "adoptees should be grateful." Give me a fucking break. Second, a majority of mothers want contact. You are believing the hype of the adoption industry which has serious ties to the Pro-life movement and its crisis pregnancy centers. This alone makes me question your integrity. Natural mothers will tell you in a heartbeat that they relinquished all their rights. Its true. Once you do that, you don't get new ones.

Why don't you stick to abortion rights and leave adoption out of it completely? You don't know what you are speaking of.

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