Saturday, September 13, 2008


There is more talk of adoption and surrogacy out of India. This story came out today. This blogger also has commented on it as well. Its funny that they both mention this type of story coming out in the news. Here is one website that discusses the legalities of surrogacy in India. Some of the gay/lesbian community is even using this kind of service as well. The organization is actually called Our Birthright. Wow.

A dear friend wrote about a recent case where a couple used surrogacy but later divorced. The father wanted to raise the child but was not allowed to. The child was eventually placed with a grandmother in the family. It is also my understanding that an adoption agency in India has contested this because they feel that the child was abandoned. What is really interesting is that many big adoption agencies are getting into the business of surrogacy in India as well. They are adding to the wombs for rent business in India.

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