Saturday, September 13, 2008


I find it interesting that the adoption industry has gotten some people really believing its myths and deceptions. When adoptees, natural parents and adoptive parents wake up, they are usually very very vocal. I was reading over at So many people describe the vocal crowd as being bitter. They want to disgrace and humiliate us. In doing so, they think we do not have credibility. As time moves forward, our numbers are increasing. Those numbers also include ethical adoption agencies. Don't discount them either. We are coming up and out in full force. A friend on this website told people to own their bitterness, to claim their bitterness and to vent that bitterness. Of course we really its not bitterness. Its anger at the injustice that we have all faced. Of course those that call us bitter are getting angrier and angrier at us. Our words must be sinking in.

My question to you the reader: Are you going to continue to take it? Do you enjoy being treated like you are incapable of handling your own affairs? We need the agencies to legalize the adoptions but we don't need them regulate our relationships with our families. We can do that just fine without them.

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