Monday, September 15, 2008


This really irritates me to no living end. Texas Alliance for Life is pushing for Texas to have its own right to life license plates. They are for pushing adoption big time. There is never anything mentioned about parenting. What is so wrong with a woman being given all of her options? Parenting, abortion and adoption. What is really funny is that women who have experience one of these two alternatives suffer the same emotional experiences. Both harm women to some extent. Why can't these organizations realize that? What about once the child is born and placed? What about their rights afterwards? That is right we should be grateful that we weren't aborted. Sorry nope

Here is the report on their finances.

They raised 168,997 in public contributions. They also gave $9,307 in grants to ten pro life organizations that provided alternate solutions. Yep that is right. They gave money to either CPCs or adoption agencies. Why not provide these funds to women so that they can raise their own children? They paid their director, Joseph Pojman, $30,085. They also had one trustee, Christopher Maska.

Here is the link and the story.

A Texas pro-life group has launched a statewide effort to promote a license plate it says promotes real choice for women.

Texas Alliance for Life has launched the "Choose Life Texas Tour" to drum up support for a Choose Life specialty license plate. Joe Pojman is the group's executive director.
"We're going on the road and visiting 11 cities with 13 or 14 different meetings with local pro-life leaders, pastors, elected officials, and we're promoting the idea of a 'Choose Life' license plate -- and this is all about adoption; this is a way to promote adoption," Pojman explains.

"And our goal is to increase the number of adoptions in Texas because we think adoption can be a wonderful option for many women who are experiencing [a] crisis pregnancy, for those little babies, and for the adoptive parents. It really can be a win-win-win situation."

Pojman says Texas has more than 130 specialty plates, including those that support everything from Girl Scouts and "Read to Succeed" to saving the environment and protecting wildlife, but currently Choose Life plates are not eligible because of opposition by pro-abortion forces.

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