Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Its a sad day no matter how you look at it when an adoptee dies. This story comes out of Dallas but was reported in Romania. The new boyfriend of the adoptee's ex-girlfriend killed him. Granted adoption has no purpose in this story, the adoption industry does not want any negative attention paid to it in any form or fashion. That is why this story has not made big news here in the United States.

Here is the link and the story.

A Romanian child adopted by an American family, was murdered in Dallas

de A.C. HotNews.ro
Luni, 13 octombrie 2008, 18:30 English | Top News

A young Romanian boy, adopted by an American family was stabbed to death by a peer in a parking lot in Plano, a suburb of Dallas after fighting for a girl, The Dallas News informs. Max Brustein, aged 17 died on Sunday, investigators informed.

After spending a night with friends, Max visited his former girlfriend. According to Max's adoptive father, the girl's new boyfriend, Joshua Torres, aged 19, saw them and decided to follow them in his car. Finally, Max stopped in a parking lot where Torres stabbed him in the chest.

Max died after two hours while Torres was arrested and accused of murder. Max's father, Ron Brustein declared that his son had previous fights with Torres. In June, they pressed charges against Torres after he sent Max a life threatening SMS.

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